Contemporary Stick Design

Images of a recent exhibition at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery. A seamless blending of Fine Art, contemporary hardwood Stick designs and sculptural works titled “Sticks no Stones.” Highlighting the sustainable uses and functionality for found wood and the tenacity of nature.

Confluence in CadageeRed Ash Stick Light and Red Gum Table

Dilkoon Country Chair

Red gum stick chair using Swamp Turpentine sticks for the legs and Soft-fruited Teatree (Leptospernum brachyandrum) in the hardwood stick back. I have not seen another furniture piece using this wood before. Finished naturally with Carnauba waxes.  

Dilkoon Country Chair

Bush Companion Fauna Species of the Clarence Valley and Northern Rivers

The newly published book “Bush Companion Fauna Species of the Clarence Valley and Northern Rivers, New South Wales” is available to purchase direct from the publisher.

This book contains over 310 “full colour plate” fauna species in 250 “perfect bound” pages with both common and scientific names.

Contact by email at to reserve your copy.

Price $25 a copy plus postage.

Bush Companion Cover