Cadagi Sculpture Board

Hand painted finish across this large hardwood sculpture board.

Cadagi is probably the hardest wood I have ever used and it took over five days to finish sand it.
The painted finish is part etched rust combination and hand rubbed acrylics there are many layers of story in there. 
If you rub the back of the board rust will come off on your hand. (the iron oxides of our country.)
The piece is a story of our ancient land, burnished with the hand of one hundred million years. 
Blue, representing the present Anthropocene era we inhabit and evidenced by the narrowness in which life flows now. 
The top of the board evokes a single organism, a new life form being born but leaving us.

Available now at Yamba Art Space.

Cadagee Sculpture Board 1



Contemporary Stick Design

Images of a recent exhibition at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery. A seamless blending of Fine Art, contemporary hardwood Stick designs and sculptural works titled “Sticks no Stones.” Highlighting the sustainable uses and functionality for found wood and the tenacity of nature.

Confluence in CadageeRed Ash Stick Light and Red Gum Table